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Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 How to become Echo Tech Official Distributor.
There are several steps before we make partnership with dealers. ※In each step, … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Uploaded SONAC-37 video on YouTube.
We uploaded Ultrasonic Sealer SONAC-37 video on YouTube. 🌌 Watch how it … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Please read before purchasing SONAC-37.
Ultrasonic Sealer SONAC-37. It welds material by grasping it with stapler handpi … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Don’t use a “blade with hole” for Ultrasonic cutter ZO series.
Please do not use “Blade with hole” on Ultrasonic cutter ZO series. … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 To purchase unit in USA and not to choose wrong unit model.
We are glad that inquiry from USA is increasing, especially from 3D printer fiel … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Bulk order saves your shipping fee. ✈
Bulk order saves your shipping fee. ✈ We have collective packaging box for each … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Curving blade ZH03 to cut burrs parallelly from base.
Curving blade ZH03. 🌀 The edge is curved 90°. It’s supportive when … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Making Chinese catalog.
Editing English catalog to make Chinese version. Hope it reaches to many Chinese … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 2 types of polishing works…
2 types of polishing works… Few months ago, we visited to Japanese Mold co … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Visited to SMS.
Yesterday, we visited Smart Manufacturing Summit held in Nagoya, Japan. It is a … More
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