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Ultrasonic Atomizer for scientific experiment.
Hello. At world institution, school, hospital, and in other facilities, our Ultr … More
Oversea sales blog
Super processing tool, cut and weld a wax
Hello. Are you facing difficulty of processing wax? We would like to introduce o … More
Oversea sales blog
Is it dangerous to atomize HClO(Hypochlorous acid water)?
Hello. As we write on the blog previously, HClO has been used for long time as f … More
Oversea sales blog
In which industry do the Ultrasonic Cutter have used?
Hello. Our Ultrasonic Cutter has been used by workers and peoples, for private u … More
Oversea sales blog
UV cured glue processing tool.
Hello. Ultrasonic Cutter is useful for processing UV cured glue, that used to ad … More
Oversea sales blog
Introduce Ultrasonic Cutter on online to any of country!
Hello. Under this Corona pandemic, we could not attend to exhibition held at ove … More
Oversea sales blog
High demand of Ultrasonic Cutter in China.
Hello. Recently, we have got many orders of Ultrasonic Cutter from Chinese marke … More
Oversea sales blog
For oversea customers who wants to buy Ultrasonic products.
Hello. Our Ultrasonic products are sold world widely, that quality has been acce … More
Oversea sales blog
Winter has come.. ready for cold season?
Hello. Are you ready for this Winter season? In here Japan, temperature has sudd … More
Oversea sales blog
New discovery in town.
Hello. How much do you know about your town? There are may be some places existi … More
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