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Oversea sales blog
Risk of using un-certified product at oversea.
Have you ever seen this mark? This is called CE mark. You may see this mark prin … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】Cutter à ultrasons. Coupe le plastique comme du beure. France distributor!
France is one of our main market for selling ultrasonic cutter. There are demand … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】超声波切割刀、切塑料跟切牛油一样轻松 Chinese distributor!
In oversea market, most big sales we use to get is China. Most ultrasonic cutter … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Uploaded ultrasonic cutter PV on YouTube!
Last week in Friday, we uploaded new ultrasonic cutter video on YouTube. It is u … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 ZO series are lowest price ultrasonic cutter brand.
Are you looking for a special tool, corresponded to various processing and it … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 “Ultrasonic cutter” as new “Stationery”.
 Every day, many stationery has been invent and adopted at various work places a … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Lift “State emergency declaration” on 7th March in Japan.
Hello.  Today, Japanese government will confer the lift date of “State eme … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 How do you use “Clubhouse” for business??
 Recently here in Japan, the new social network site arrived from America, ̶ … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Spending most time as SNS administrator for sales and marketing…
“What do you do for making sales from oversea, without visiting?” Th … More
Oversea sales blog
Uploaded ultrasonic cutter reaction video!
Hello. Last week, we have visited to Toyohashi University of Technology, and let … More
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