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Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Way of direct promotion toward Chinese hobby market.
We are now moving to get subsidy from Japanese Small and Medium Enterprise Agenc … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Uploaded “plastic model making video with ultrasonic cutter” on YouTube!
This time, I assembled plastic model, my first time in my life. I used ultrasoni … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Uploaded ultrasonic cutter reaction by Malaysian video on YouTube!
Today we uploaded ultrasonic cutter reaction video on YouTube! This time, we had … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Fix broken plastic model parts with ultrasonic cutter!
We are now filming movie, assembling plastic model with using ultrasonic cutter … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Report of Shizuoka hobby show 2021!
Drove for 2 hours, we headed to Shizuoka twin messe and exhibited Shizuoka hobby … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Measure against virus at wedding ceremony.
16th May, I attended to my friend’s wedding ceremony to Yamanashi, Japan. … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Going to Shizuoka hobby show 2021!
Tomorrow, we will go to Shizuoka Twin messe, where Shizuoka hobby show will be t … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Uploaded Mokebu official song “Dream signposts” MV on YouTube!
We have released Echo Tech original character, Mokebu’s official song, and … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Make sales target on each country’s strong industry.
“Where do we make ultrasonic cutter’s new distributor at oversea? … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Considering for exhibition attendance, held in Sep.
Today, the GW has over and we started first working day in May. Next week, we ha … More
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