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Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 New copied tool of Ultrasonic cutter ZO series.
Recently, we had message from our oversea distributor that they found another br … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 RC × Ultrasonic cutter ZO series.
In our hobby market which we are selling ultrasonic cutter ZO series, “RC& … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Uploaded Ultrasonic cutter new reaction video on You Tube!
Student from Korea tried Ultrasonic cutter ZO-95 for the first time. Have check … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Monthly norm? No main product stocks?
We have 2 models ultrasonic cutters for oversea use.  ZO-91 model        ZO-95 m … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Report of attended “craft” fair 2022 in Toyohashi.
June 17-18th 2022, craft fair has held at Toyohashi gym. We welcomed many visito … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 “Monodukuri Haku(crafting fair)” will be held in Toyohashi from tomorrow!
もの博 – Just another WordPress site ( From tomorrow 16th June, for 2 … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 What new discovery is waiting us in future?
8-9th June, IFCAA will be hold in PACIFICO Yokohama. 東京国際消防防災展 2023 (fire-safety … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Uploaded “Cut Gypsum plaster board” video on You Tube!
This time we cut “Gypsum plaster board”. This material is generally … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Uploaded “Polyplastics cut” video on You Tube!
Polyplastics has high resistant to heat, as it use to adopt in building material … More
Oversea sales blog
【Echo Tech】 Ultrasonic cutter ZO series, Cuttable and Uncuttable plastic.
Sometimes we have inquiries from ultrasonic cutter users, “Could ultrasoni … More
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