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【Echo Tech】 Expectation of global business 2022.

This year, it starts from coronavirus pandemic continued from last year, and it’s calming down in this end of year.

Unpredictable 2 years of virus pandemic leaded us confusion in our business.
Our product, ultrasonic cutter and atomizer are one of those affected things and we are still in trouble of promoting, due to restriction of visiting oversea.

However, at last our business period(Oct 2020~ Sep 2021), our annual sales marked 143% against our annual goal. We are continuously increasing oversea sales for 5 years, since the oversea department has established.
Experienced this 2021, we anticipate new form of global business in 2022.


Expectation of Global business in 2022.

Contrary to our promotion’s reduction, ultrasonic products has keep expanded it’s recognition in global market, and units have purchased by new users.

This shows that even if we couldn’t attend for overseas exhibition or meet overseas visitors in Japan, internet promotion still works and product recognition expands by word of mouth. Many companies started internet promotion because they restricted for going overseas. Most of them might felt success on its outcome aspect of sales. Global exhibitions are now restarting newly, holding “Online exhibition” in whole schedule while real exhibition is open. We think that this will be a new standard form of exhibition. Peoples have accommodated to do online business, and place of real meeting will reduce in future. Reacting to this new business style, demand of exhibition will decrease, due to reduce of companies and visitors joining. We need to consider which exhibition to attend because it costs high for attending as exhibitor.

On the other hand, we guess the way of internet promotion will keep expand.

(Progress of internet promotion)
Website → Put promotion bar → Website shop → Movie sites → SNS → ???(new!)

Like just 10 years ago, we had only method of promoting on own website.
Under progress of internet, way of promotion had expand in this decade. Promotion service on movie sites and SNS has started in this 3 years, and now it grew to major promotion media.
The common things in those new media is, it’s major sites which people are use to check. Promotion follows after those popular website because advertisements will effects fully, as many as it looked by peoples. The method of promotion in each of sites or SNS might be more expand, but when promoters gathers in one place for promotion, all promoters will make narrow the space and chance to show your products will become smaller(high competence). Considering this problem, we think new place(website or SNS) will be made for periodically, and there are demands to made it, supported by new promoters to get promotion space.

2022 will be a year of internet promotion!

In some of SNS sites, consumers could order product on advertisement with just following few steps. By setting auto-payment information, they could rapidly order and receive product on just cell phone. Anticipating this system’s future, promotion, payment, following steps for purchasing will be more comfortable. To keeping up this new internet promotion form, we keep use websites and SNS for promotion.

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