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【Echo Tech】 Happy new year in 2022!

Happy new year!!


Passing end of year holiday, we back to work from today.

Talking about my private, I went back to my home town while this holiday.
As we have restricted doing something with peoples last year due to corona pandemic, this time I met my family and many friends for hang out. Released from corona stress, I enjoyed spending time with them. I wished for immediate pandemic termination, returning to our normal life, but recently the infection rate is globally increasing again.

We need to recognize that corona pandemic is still continuing.
All each of us should think again, what we should do now, escaping from this pandemic and make 2022 a great year.

Start and Goal of 2022!

Did you already decide a goal of 2022?

Goal enriches life because people make forward for it, and when it achieved, feeling of accomplish turns to confidence. Once goal has decided, people could make good start by planning how to achieve goal.

We have 3 goals for 2022.
1. Increase annual sales from last year.
2. Make 3 new distributors.
3. Increase SNS followers.

To tell the truth, we had “4. Attending to oversea exhibition”, but removed because we could not anticipate even near future under corona.
To achieve our 3 goals, we need to use SNS or any other web tools for promotion.
This year, we are planning to start using something new tool. We might announce soon, please have check our blogs or SNS.

If you have any questions or comments, please send us message here!

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