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Ultrasonic cutter ZO-95/CE product

“S-High mode” works to cut the object 1.5 times faster than the conventional model.*1

ZO-95 attaches,
Torque screwdriver ZH25T and Foot switch ZH801 (foot switch for ZO-95).

(Torque screwdriver ZH25T2)      (Foot switch ZH801)

Plug into the connector on the rear panel of ZO-95 to turn on and off ultrasonic vibration by the foot switch.

What material could cut with ZO series?

Material cutting test data. | Echo Tech



Oscillation frequency 40 kHz
Max. power consumption Max. 110 VA
Power Source AC adapter INPUT: 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz   OUTPUT: 12 V DC
External dimensions (Unit: mm)

Main unit(Generator): 185*169*55

(excluding protrusions)

Hand-piece: φ28*150

(including blade)

Power mode switch S-High/High/Normal
Ambient condition

Temperature: 10 to 35 ℃

(No condensation)*2


Main unit(Generator): Approx. 1.2 Kg

Hand-piece: Approx. 350g

(including hand-piece cable)


BDC-200P: 40 pcs./1 case

(including blades with a hole)

Blade anchor ZH04: 1 pc.

Blade anchor screw HB03: 1 pc.

Hexagon wrench RR02: 1 pc.

Torque screwdriver ZH25T: 1 pc.

Foot switch ZH801: 1 pc.

*1 Based on the comparison with the cutting speed of ZO-91 in High mode when 2mm thick acrylic is cut by the force of 2kgs.

*2 Ambient condition doesn’t guarantee the performance of operation under the temperature.

Optional parts

ZO-95 Hand piece ZH802

※Cannot use to ZO-91

Standard handpiece for ZO-95.
Improved durability from ZO-91 ver. by increasing edge screw to 5.
Able to use S-High power mode.

We recommend purchasing this handpiece when your current handpiece get broken,
or want to use different blade alternatively.



External dimensions (Unit: mm) Handpiece: φ28*150 mm (including blade)
Cable length 1.6 m
Weight Approx. 350 g (including handpiece cable)

ZO-91 Hand piece for ZO-95 ZH803

※Cannot use to ZO-91

ZO-91 handpiece for ZO-95.
It able to use Grinding stone bar type with ZO-95 by using this handpiece.
It cannot use with S-High power mode.



External dimensions (Unit: mm) Handpiece: φ32*144 mm (including blade)
Cable length 1.6 m
Weight Handpiece: Approx. 100 g (including handpiece cable)


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【楽天市場】【新発売】【替え刃特典付】海外向けホビー用超音波カッターZO-95(CE対応品) 【New released】【Attached replacement blade】 Ultrasonic cutter overseas model ZO-95(CE):超音波と魚探のus-dolphin (


Ultrasonic cutter ZO series catalog vol. 5 20231128
※Information in catalog is subject to change without notice.

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