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Troubleshooting and Repair flow of Ultrasonic cutter ZO series.

Basic trouble shooting – Please try this first

When your ultrasonic cutter ZO series doesn’t operate normally, please try troubleshooting following movie first.

  1. Remove screw(placed under blade), blade, blade anchor from hand-piece.
  2. Prepare maintenance set SB01. Insert abrasive paper’s edge in cleaning bar and rotate whole length around bar.(If you don’t have maintenance set SB01, please prepare cotton swab)
  3. Insert maintenance bar(or cotton swab) inside the horn, and clean internal side of horn.
  4. Remove cleaning bar from horn, and attach removed parts again in order. (If those parts were broken or contaminated, please replace it to new one)

↓↓What troubles will be solve within these steps?↓↓

Screw, Blade, Blade anchor were not..
(1) fixed properly
(2) contaminated
(3) broken


Blinking or light up of LED lamp

Case 1.

ZO-91/ LED lamp on hand piece were blinking

ZO-95/ Alarm LED lamp were light up

(Cause) Increase of hand-piece temperature.
(Why does it happen) Unit has used for long time or forcibly.
This way of using might lead malfunction on electronics component. Please leave unit for rest periodically and do not apply too much power for work.

(Solution) Please use unit after leaved more than 15 minutes to cool unit.



ZO-91/ LED lamp on Main unit were blinking

ZO-95/ Alarm LED lamp were blinking

(Cause) Overload on blade.
(Why does it happen) Blade has applied excessive power.

(Solution) Please turn OFF the main unit once and use again. If hand-piece doesn’t operate normally, please leave an unit more than 15 minutes.

Before you request for repair.

These 2 easy troubles generally occurs on unit and able to fix by user’s self.
Even though it doesn’t need repair, sometimes we have sent “not broken” unit.
In that case, user will be charge,

(we do not warrant for “not broken” unit)
Round-trip freight fee + Inspection fee + Custom = Expensive cost


Please make sure whether your unit is not operating normally, due to those easy troubles before you request for repair.

Request for repair.

If you tried all troubleshooting and your unit still doesn’t work, internal components of unit might get something malfunction that needs repair. Before you ship troubled unit, please make contact to the shop where you bought to confirm whether it is really broken.

「OUT OF ORDER」のイラスト文字

Also, if you are going to request for repair, please do not disassemble an unit before you send back.
Otherwise, we might not able to inspect a cause of trouble. If we found traces of disassembled on unit, the unit will lose right of warranty, and might be charge an extra charge with repair cost.


(Repair flow)

1. Tell unit’s condition to shop where user has bought
  We will pass you an advice of repair and possibility of trouble, through user’s purchased shop.
  Detailed information is helpful for us to judge cause before we inspect.
(1) Ultrasonic cutter model
(2) Symptom
(3) Work material
(4) How long does the unit have used for each days
(5) Power mode that 

2. Decide to send us back your unit for cause inspection
  After user received an advice, if user decide to request for inspection or repair, they will be inform of address where to send back troubled unit.
  Please notice that user will be charge round-trip shipping fee, custom, inspection fee when the unit has shipped. (If it was in period of warranty, the cost might change)

3. Cause inspection
 When we received troubled unit, we will start inspection first. After we found a cause of trouble, we will issue and send an estimation sheet that mentioned cost of “inspection” and “repair” separately. 
 Because “inspection” has already completed at the timing, the cost will be charge on user. 

4. User decide for requesting repair
 After checked estimation sheet, user has to decide whether they request for repair or not.
 After we confirm users payment on our account, we will start repair or send back unit.

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